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{"en":" ","pl":" ","fr":"","it":"","es":"","ru":"","nl":"","el":"","de":"Für zu Hause, als auch für das Büro ist Visio Standard 2019 die ideale Software, um In...formationen in Diagrammen zu präsentieren. Alle Arten von Daten, die sich in irgendeiner Weise mit Diagrammen abbilden lassen, fühlen sich in Visio Standard 2019 wie zu Hause. "}


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Product Information

Users Supported:1 User
EAN Code:889842337365
Dispatch:by E-mail
Manufacturer Part Number:076-05795
Installations Supported:1 Installation
Supported Devices:1 Device

System requirements

GraphicsDirectX 10 support required for GPU-accelerated interface
Hard diskat least 3 GB available space
Memoryat least 2 GB RAM
Displayat least 1,024 * 768 pixels
Supported Operating SystemWindows 10

Microsoft Visio Standard 2019

Present charts in an appealing way - in Microsoft Visio Standard 2019

Visio Standard 2019 is an ideal program for presenting information in charts both at home and in a small office. The software allows the generation of flowcharts, floor plans, action processes for projects, construction plans and much more. The software relies on all 2016 Office products' signature user interface, so it should be easy to use for people switching to Visio or using Visio for the first time.

Simple flowcharts, such as those commonly used in projects, are available in an even broader range in the new Microsoft Visio Standard 2019. This simplifies visualisation: instead of lengthy work processes, users choose dozens of models with thousands of templates. Depending on the task, you can find the detailed charts that are most suitable for the task. Those charts can then be shared with other people through the cloud, such as working from home on the same project.

The file formats supported by Microsoft Visio Standard 2019 scan the program in real-time. As soon as a file's contents are currently being shown in a Visio chart change, the presentation within the application changes immediately. If new information is included in the data records, this directly impacts the chart in Visio Standard 2019. All finished charts are then accessible via the browser. No preinstalled version of Visio is required to view a finished project and its visualisation. This is very useful for sharing charts with customers and business partners.

In Visio Standard 2019, Microsoft has refined many features, such as the intelligent search function introduced in the previous version. People unfamiliar with the program will find the function, which leads to the desired result more quickly. Many new effects and designs also give the visual emphasis needed on specific shapes to make the information incredibly succinct. This is also useful, for example, for highlighting repetitive patterns or making icons, colours, and bar charts visually appealing. Even intricate rows of information can be visually prepared with the new Visio Standard 2019 to represent such data comprehensively.

Charts produced using Microsoft Visio Standard 2019 also work across systems. This means that charts can be viewed on almost any device using any operating system. This is made possible by browser support for charts and apps available in the Apple Store for tablets such as the iPad Pro. On a touch screen with multitouch support, charts are particularly intuitive because they can zoom in and out with their finger. Maps may be created on the computer - but users can present them clearly on any device.

As with any new product in the Office 2019 family, Microsoft Visio Standard 2019 requires Windows 10 to create charts. Use of the software is therefore only possible with Windows 10. It is a single-device license, such as a desktop PC or a laptop. Microsoft provides warranty coverage for new updates to this Visio Standard 2019 license for a minimum of five years from the date of software release.