Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

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Product Information

Users Supported:Unlimited
Dispatch:by E-mail
Manufacturer Part Number:76P-02031
Installations Supported:Unlimited
Supported Devices:Unlimited

System requirements

ProcessorIntel or AMD CPU with support for 64-bit, at least four CPU cores
Hard diskat least 80 GB for the system drive, a further 100 GB per additional drive as data storage
Memorydepending on the application, at least 16 GB to 24 GB RAM
Supported Operating SystemWindows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter, Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter

Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

Purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 and re-experience cooperation

With Sharepoint Server 2019, Microsoft is now sending the successor to Sharepoint 2016 into the race, which has numerous new features and improvements compared to the previous version. Users who purchase Sharepoint Server 2019 will benefit from the more efficient and convenient use of the software in the five core areas. The current version also impresses its extensive collaboration options, making management and coordination of projects and tasks more straightforward.

The software also functions as an intranet portal and social network for internal discussion groups, team websites and blogs, making work much easier even across department boundaries. Besides, Sharepoint Server 2019 shines with its comprehensive document management and search functions both as a content management system and as a business application for the organisation of business processes.

Modern interfaces, revised search environment

Anyone using the new Sharepoint Server for the first time will immediately notice the revised user interface. This completely revamps navigation and adapts it to the interfaces known from Sharepoint Online. The simplified "Share Interface" is especially worth mentioning here because it makes now sharing content much more intuitive. There are also warnings when users have selected a vast number of items to share or intend to share content with a large group.

The search function, which was already influential in the previous version, has also been enhanced. Search results, for example, are displayed during input and continuously updated. The search results page has been revised so that the results can now be grouped, sorted and intelligently filtered even more efficiently. Of particular interest here is that Sharepoint 2019 currently also indexes fonts and objects on images and makes them searchable. An image on which a diagram can be seen can therefore be found by searching for diagrams. Another advantage here is that the feature works perfectly even with handwriting.

Additional new features of Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019

Companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 can look forward to a wide range of new features that make working together more straightforward, more efficient, and convenient.

  • Greater security: Thanks to regional data storage, companies can also store data in regional data centres. In addition, there is improved access to security settings via Sharepoint Online.

  • Enhanced workflow implementation: Extension of the functional scope by Flow for OneDrive and formatting of lists. Besides, a document of the current version can be sent for review.

  • More straightforward information processing: Announcement of new entries by e-mail or via notifications in Microsoft Teams. Integration of new web parts with dynamic content such as Twitter feeds, Yammer or Microsoft Planner.

  • Improved data processing by working simultaneously on Excel documents, a document preview for more than 270 file types, an integrated "Share" function in all Office 365 components and deeper integration in Microsoft Teams.

Maximum flexibility thanks to Microsoft's licensing program

Companies that purchase Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2019 and want to get the most out of it will benefit from Microsoft's flexible licensing policy. A server license is required for each operating system instance. Companies can choose between user-related licenses (User-CAL) and device-related licenses (Device-CAL).