Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard / 1 User CAL

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Product Information

Users Supported:1 User
Dispatch:by E-mail
Manufacturer Part Number:359-06865
Installations Supported:Unlimited
Supported Devices:Unlimited

System requirements

Processor2.0 GHz or faster, x64 Processor: AMD Opteron, AMD Athlon 64, Intel Xeon with Intel EM64T support, Intel Pentium IV with EM64T support
Hard diskSQL Server requires a minimum of 6 GB of available hard-disk space
MemoryMinimum: Express Editions: 512 MB All other editions: 1 GB Recommended: Express Editions: 1 GB All other editions: At least 4 GB and should be increased as database size increases to ensure optimal performance
DisplaySQL Server requires Super-VGA (800x600) or higher resolution monitor
Supported Operating SystemWindows 10 TH1 1507 or greater, Windows Server 2016 or greater

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard / 1 User CAL

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL: Significant upgrades to the previous version

Users who buy a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL will receive the quality that has grown over decades. The relational database management system SQL Server was originally developed in 1989. The goal from day one was to give departments in companies or programs / applications quick and easy access to the data sets they needed. This has not changed in Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL either. However, there were several significant development leaps through which the software solution became more powerful. Such a performance boost also took place from 2017 to the 2019 version. Microsoft has improved the offer in all areas.

Comprehensive integration of big data in the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL

SQL Server 2019 significantly simplifies the handling of extensive data sets. Essential elements of a data lake such as Hadoop Distributed File System (HFDS), analytics tools and Sparks are integrated. A simple provision of Linux containers is possible. If desired, a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL can also function as a data warehouse.

Free choice of language and platform for developing applications

Users who develop applications get greater freedom when they buy a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL. The program allows a free choice of language and platform. In addition to Windows, development under Linux, Docker, and containers is also possible. Finished models, for example, can easily be transferred to other languages. Users also have the opportunity to train the AI. It will continue to improve based on your personal needs.

Enhanced Security

SQL Server has been the least vulnerable database in the NIST Vulnerabilities Database for over seven years. To maintain this top position, Microsoft has once again improved security for the 2019 version. For example, unauthorised access was made much more difficult.

Power BI Report: Make Better Decisions

Users who purchase a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 User CAL will receive Power BI Report as a reporting tool. This works interactively, intelligently and extensively. This means that users receive timely, comprehensive reports that contain precisely the information they are looking for. This enables faster and better decisions making. The tool proves to be a valuable aid, especially when working with big data.

Comprehensive data virtualisations with Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Data virtualisation has been possible with the help of the program since the SQL Server. At that time, however, it was only possible to run a T-SQL query via PolyBase. Only in this way could data sets be extracted from Hadoop and displayed in a structured way. The data did not have to be copied or moved. In the 2019 variant of SQL Server, this concept was extended to other data sources. Teradata, Oracle, MongoDB and other SQL servers are now included.