Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

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{"en":null,"pl":"","fr":"","it":"","es":"","ru":"","nl":"","el":"","de":"Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 erlaubt es Applikationen jeglicher Größe effizi...ent und fehlerfrei zu programmieren. Die IDE eignet sich sowohl für kleinere Programme als auch große Projekte mit extremer Komplexität. "}


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Product Information

Users Supported:1 User
Dispatch:by E-mail
Manufacturer Part Number:MX3-00098
Installations Supported:1 Installation
Supported Devices:1 Device

System requirements

GraphicsSupport for a resolution of at least 1,280 * 720 pixels required
Processor1.8 GHz CPU or faster with two cores or more
Hard diskbetween 1 and 40 GB, depending on the number of installed features of Visual Studio 2017
Memoryat least 2 GB RAM, 4 GB RAM recommended (at least 2.5 GB when running the application on virtual systems)
Supported Operating SystemWindows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 with update 2919335, Windows 10 from version 1507, Windows Server 2012 R2 with update 2919355 and Windows Server 2016

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 provides the necessary environment to program applications of any size efficiently and without errors. The IDE is suitable for both small programs and large projects with extreme complexity. During installation, the user can choose which features should be available later. Programming for iOS is not necessary? Then the corresponding tools are not installed either, which saves storage space. In operation, Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 is very frugal and can also be used on older devices without problems (more on the system requirements in the following section).

An integral part of Visual Studio 2017 is numerous online courses that beginners and advanced users can use to brush up on their knowledge. Comprehensive, professional support is also part of the overall package in Visual Studio 2017. Those who do not need these functions can still benefit from installing Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 - with colour-coded code sections, syntax highlights, and automatic debugging as soon as you enter Lines of code and more. Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 is, therefore, a suitable product for both beginners and veterans.

New in this version are the ready-made tools for .NET code to create programs in Visual Studio 2017 from this codebase. If desired, this can be done with seamless integration of the cloud so that Microsoft Azure applications, for example, can be processed fluently with Visual Studio Enterprise 2017. Team projects are also easier to tackle, regardless of which hosting provider is chosen. The user in Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 can open any code file informally to create a separate project, which can significantly speed up work with smaller files.

The extreme language selection is another highlight of Visual Studio Enterprise 2017. From older languages ​​such as Visual Basic to C, C ++ and C # to TypeScript, Python, or even web languages ​​such as HTML CSS, this software provides the right environment. The program is suitable for office applications, media applications, games, network software and practically all other projects.