Northgard - Nidhogg, Clan of the Dragon

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Nidhogg, the Clan of the Dragon

The most alien of all clans, the Dragons follow ancient customs and embrace freakish traditions. They use sacrifice and slavery to further their goals, often earning the other clan's distrust.

The clan starts with several bonuses:

  • Your civilians can go into neutral territory.
  • No Happiness or Production penalty for being wounded.
  • You start with a Sacrificial Pyre. You can build a - Dragonkin Altar instead of other military buildings. You start with 2 Thralls. You can buy thralls from your Longship Dock

Slavery, Sacrifices and Dragon Essence gauge

Sl ...

System Requirements

Windows Vista or better
Intel 2.0ghz Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Nvidia 450 GTS / Radeon HD 5750 or better
Windows 7 or better
Intel i5 3.1 Ghz Quad core
Nvidia GTX 660 / Radeon HD 7800 or better

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