A Game of Dwarves: Pets

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  • Zeal Game Studio

  • Paradox Interactive

  • Feb 11, 2013


Under the earth life can be very lonely for dwarfs. In times long past, the dwarven clans have kept pets to make their lives more alive and happier. The pets always stood by the dwarfs and defended them in dangerous times.

After the Great Magical War, the pets gradually disappeared from the life of the dwarfs until it finally came to a turning point. The dwarfs discovered a forgotten dragon shelter with extant dragon eggs, made friends with a pack of wolves, picked up a clan of furry cats, and struck huge exotic snails from the jungles of Votland.

Now the dwarfs are accompanied by a whole collection of fluffy and slimy companions. Provide them with sufficient food, sleeping places and toys, then your pets will be the best company a dwarf can wish for.

Pets is a content pack that adds the following elements to the campaign and your own games:

  • Five new pets: kite, wolf, cat, big snail and the house stone.
  • Eight new toys for your pets: Wrecker, Toy Ball, Princess Doll, Chemistry Kit, Race Car, Hamster Wheel, Wool Ball and Toy Bones.
  • Three different sleeping places
  • A new dining table
  • Two new matching fence and gate types

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A Game of Dwarves: Pets