I am not a Monster - Multiplayer Version

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  • Turn-based strategy (TBS)

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  • Oct 28, 2019


Downloadable Content This content requires the base game I am not a Monster: First Contact on Steam in order to play.

A tourist space liner is overtaken by monsters capable of disguising themselves as humans. The bravest passengers decide to fight off the aliens and save civilians. But who's human and who's a monster?

For humans Trust no one: analyze other players' actions and figure out who the monsters are. Save passengers and destroy the aliens. Combine various weapons to get unique abilities and turn the tide of the battle. If a monster infects you, you only have a couple of turns to heal. Otherwise, you'll become a monster too! For monsters Disguise yourself to move around safely. Earn the trust of other players and avoid their suspicions. Infect passengers to be reborn in their bodies if they kill you. Infect your opponents to turn them into monsters. Use the aliens' psychic connection to see what other monsters see. Two-stage turn-based gameplay Each turn consists of two time-limited phases:

Planning: players select actions Action: all planned actions are performed simultaneously

I am not a Monster - Multiplayer Version