The Truth Behind Incognito and Private Browsing

Unmasking the Myths and Realities of Private Browsing

The Truth Behind Incognito and Private Browsing

In an age of increasing digital footprints and privacy concerns, the allure of private browsing, or 'Incognito mode,' as it's known on Google Chrome, is undoubtedly appealing. But what does this elusive mode actually do, and importantly, what doesn't it do?

Unmasking the Incognito Mode

Private browsing is a feature available in most web browsers today. When activated:

  1. Browsing history isn't stored: The browser will not record the websites visited, effectively leaving no trace of your browsing history after the session.
  2. Cookies are deleted: Cookies – small files that store information about your activity – are deleted once you close the session.
  3. Forms data is not saved: Any information entered in forms, such as search bars or login credentials, is not remembered by the browser.

What Incognito Mode Doesn't Do

Despite the privacy implications, it's crucial to understand the limitations of incognito or private browsing:

  1. It doesn't make you anonymous online: Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), employer, or the websites you visit can still potentially see your activity.
  2. It doesn't provide extra security: Private browsing won't protect against viruses, malware, or phishing attacks. It also doesn't prevent you from being tracked by online ads.

Browsing Privately: A Balanced View

Private browsing is not a magical "cloak of invisibility." Here's a balanced view of what it truly offers:

  1. Temporary privacy: It's useful if you're using a shared computer and want to keep your browsing history private.
  2. Cookie management: By deleting cookies at the end of a session, it helps to limit the information that websites can gather about you.
  3. It's not a substitute for comprehensive security measures: While it offers some level of privacy, it does not replace the need for up-to-date antivirus software or a trustworthy VPN for true anonymity online.


Incognito or private browsing can delete your browsing history, cookies, and form data, offering a layer of privacy, particularly useful on shared devices. However, it doesn't make you anonymous online, nor does it provide any additional security against threats or tracking by online ads. For complete online privacy and security, additional measures like using a VPN and antivirus software are necessary.

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