Home office- how to work efficiently from home and not get crazy

Tips to keep your head in game when doing home office

If you frequently or occasionally do hybrid work from home, you may be struggling with productivity, self-motivation, or even your mental health. In this post, we'll look at a few strategies for taking control of your working day and help you maintain a productive and healthy work life.

Act as though you're not at home.

While it might seem tempting to spend your home office in bed in your PJ’s, it is essential that you act as though you are going to work. By getting dressed and preparing as you normally would to go to the office you help your brain get into a state of productivity. An early morning walk or jog can help get the blood pumping and get that breath of fresh air your brain needs to help you through your work day.

Establish a dedicated workspace

It is critical that you select a space that is entirely yours, whether you are working from a small studio apartment or a huge family home. Find a comfortable seat, set up your office supplies and clear a corner of the room or a kitchen worktop for yourself. Make sure there are no distractions from home in the area. The fact that you now have a set location to go to, much as you would in your office, will help you with the prior step.

Allow yourself to destress

It's vital that you take some time to unwind and decompress if you want to make sure that you stay motivated and focused throughout your working day. Take short breaks to stretch, eat, and stay hydrated. You may find that listening to music throughout the day gives you the extra energy you need to push through the finishing touches. It goes without saying that you should take regular breaks from your screen and have a well-organized workspace whether you are working in the office or from home. Try to set up your workspace in a location with good natural light if your home permits it.

Keep yourself moving

Sitting at a desk for eight hours is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to stay active throughout the day, whether it's via stretching or taking a quick stroll around your neighbourhood in between meetings. To keep your spine healthy and the blood flowing to your brain, try to alternate between periods of sitting and standing.

Stay connected with your coworkers

Many of those working from home experience loneliness, isolation and social dissociation. As social creatures, we thrive in an environment full of human interaction. At home, you may well be sitting alone for 8 hours. Because of this you must make an extra effort to remain in touch with your work colleagues. Scheduling face-time, asking about their day/weekend plans, etc. can be a great way to get your social fix and release that oxytocin and dopamine that communicating with others gives us.

Sleep well 

While it might be tempting to stay up a bit later or have 1 extra drink with your friends when you know you don’t need to wake up for your office commute the next day, it should be stressed that studies have shown a decrease in the brain's productivity the day following medium to heavy alcohol consumption. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is even more important when working from home because so much more depends on you. When space allows, try to separate your work environment from your sleeping environment as working from the same room you sleep in can have an adverse effect on your quality of sleep.

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