Windows 10 vs Windows 11. Which system is better for gamers?

Let's explore which Windows is best for you

With the recent release of Windows 11 and a plethora of new video game titles just around the corner, gamers may be wondering whether to update or stick with windows 10. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each and what it means for gamers worldwide.

Windows 10

Most of us are now running Windows 10, and after a bumpy and somewhat controversial start, we’ve finally got our hands on a decent system for our gaming needs, with everything from DirectX 12 Raytracing as well as advanced APIs for maximizing your performance.

Windows 10 also offered us a technological leap with connectivity between PC and Xbox Series X, with the Xbox game bar giving us tools and widgets like “looking for group”.

With that being said, many gamers found their experiences to be subpar and needed to find manual fixed to improve their performance and fps with fixes such as turning on windows game mode, lowering their resolution and overclocking their graphics cards.

Windows 11

So what’s on the horizon with the “free” Windows 11 update? I use the word free loosely as currently there are a few requirements that Microsoft is enforcing in order to install and use Windows 11, the first of these is the necessity of a TPM 2.0 chip, which stands for Trusted Platform Module, and help improve data encryption to protect against external attacks on your system, however, most PC’s outside of recently built custom gaming PCs don’t have one of these, therefore in order to upgrade for free people will need to buy either a new chip or new motherboard in the event that theirs doesn’t have space for a TPM Chip.

Another strange requirement is that users will need to make sure that their system has secure boot enabled by accessing their BIOS, which honestly a lot of users won’t know how to do/ feel comfortable doing.

But with those things out of the way let’s take a look at the shiny new features Microsoft is offering us in its newest release.

Auto HDR in Window 11 allows players to add HDR to SDR games more naturally, without it looking as though it had a bad filter applied to it. We can expect to enjoy richer visuals in our favourite titles with no effort.

Direct Storage has made its way from the XBOX Series X for those with PCs that have an NVMe SSD allowing data to be loaded directly onto the system’s GPU.

Android App integration will finally be made available on Windows 11, which means it will no longer be necessary to use an android emulator to play your favourite mobile games on PC, one thing to note however is that Microsoft has partnered with Amazon for this particular feature so it won’t be via GooglePlay.

Which to choose?

If you have all of the requirements for Windows 11 already, then the free update is a no-brainer. If however, like many of us you are using older tech then it may be worth sticking with Windows 10 until either, the requirements are lowered/standardized or you have the money for the new hardware.

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