Protect the Environment with SOFTFLIX

Let's help each other to help our planet

The world we live in today is struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demands that humanity is placing on it. Global Warming, deforestation, islands of plastic in the ocean, these are just a few of the significant impacts that our actions are having on the planet. In order to attempt to prevent irreversible damage to our environment, people are starting to take definitive action. But why leave all the hard work to a handful of people?

At SOFTFLIX we recognize the impact that our actions have on the environment. As such we remain vigilant in our efforts to reduce our waste production. The products we provide are digital meaning less vehicles on the road producing emissions while they transport our goods, less plastic packaging used to advertise and protect the products, and less paper and ink used printing labels, paperwork, and invoices

The International Transport Forum(ITF) estimates that commercial freight transport accounts for 7% of global carbon emissions and 30% of all CO² transport emissions. The purchase of digital products will aid in reducing the number of commercial freight vehicles on the road and the effects will be twofold, by reducing the number of vehicles on the road we can also ease traffic congestion thus further reducing the amount of time each vehicle spends in transit.

With paper accounting for 26% of the total waste in landfill sites producing toxic methane as it rots, it’s a problem we can't afford to ignore. While we can’t completely remove the need to use paper, we can significantly reduce the amount we use and waste, especially in the digital age we live in. One of the main contributors of our paper wastage is in packaging, that’s why purchasing digital products when possible is a great way for you to help the environment.

Every year we are consuming more and more fossil fuels in order to satiate our ever-growing consumption of plastics. We produce more than 360 million tons of plastic every year with that figure set to rise unless we do something about it. Not only does it pollute the air with toxic fumes, it also distributes toxic materials into our soil and water as it decomposes. Our oceans have entire islands of waste plastic floating on the surface, plastic that could have been repurposed, reducing our need to produce more. 

Not only can you help save the future of our planet by going digital, you can also save yourself money as all of the costs relating to the production of packaging, transport, and shipping are removed. We pride ourselves on giving our customers great value for money as well as minimizing our environmental footprint. 

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