How AI affects our lives

Just how integral is AI in our day to day lives?

Whether you are a tech supporter or a sceptic, it is undeniable that AI is progressing at an incredible rate. In this article we’ll take a look at how deeply AI affects our day-to-day lives both positively and negatively.

AI Assistants

An artificial intelligence (AI) assistant is a piece of software that can respond to voice and text commands by using tools like natural language processing (NLP). They can do a number of the tasks that human assistants can do, such as read text, take dictation, make phone calls, and a lot more. Some key examples of popular AI Assistants are Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa. Capable of learning different voices and altering their behavior based on an individual, these assistants usually save us small amounts of time on basic tasks such as dialing or searching for a song, which, in the long run add up to a great deal of time saved. 

AI Recommendations

An AI-powered recommender system is one that makes recommendations for goods, services, and information based on user data. The recommendation system obtains information about the user's history, the actions of other users who are similar to them, and their preferences, interests, and purchasing history. 

If you’ve ever used a service like Netflix, then you’ve probably encountered this type of AI in action. The “Recommended for you” sections of various platforms are created by AI correlating your data and data of those similar to you in order to present you with options that it believes match you. This can be extremely useful to users who don’t want to spend time browsing a site for something to buy or something to watch, however, this also significantly limits the chances of discovering something you never knew you liked.


AI chatbots are computer programs that mimic human interaction using natural language processing (NLP). AI chatbots are becoming more and more helpful to businesses as a way to automate operations like HR, customer care and sales. AI chatbots enable organizations to offer round-the-clock customer help, freeing up human workers to tackle challenging issues and cutting support expenses. Numerous bots leverage data to offer personalized responses to each consumer in turn, creating an automated yet intimate customer experience. 

Many large companies are already making use of these bots, including Meta, Uber and Zoom. While from a company's point of view, these bots are cost-effective and capable of solving 80% of standard customer issues, the customers themselves may find the bots frustrating as they would prefer to talk to a human being.

Image Recognition 

AI image recognition enables a computer to detect and comprehend pictures of objects, locations, people, or other items observable in the natural environment. The main objective is to view the items as a human brain would. All of these things are what image recognition aims to find and assess before making judgments based on the results.

GoogleLens, among others, uses this technology to perform a visual search, a search using an image as the input, not to be confused with an image search which uses text as the search input. Other benefits of this technology are the ability to monitor user generated content on social media and aiding the visually impaired by providing alternative output, such as sound, to help them know what is being displayed on a website.


Finally, AI is incorporated into email systems by classifying emails based on projected degrees of relevance and recognizing spam emails and organizing them accordingly. With its Smart Compose function, Gmail also employs AI to anticipate what you'll write next. With the help of this technology, you can have your sentences automatically completed as you type, accurately anticipating your next words as you speak.

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