What’s in store for the gaming sector in 2023

2023 promises to be an interesting your for gaming, find out more below.

If there’s anything to say about what’s in store for the gaming sector this year, it’s that for better or worse, it’s going to be impactful. Amid macroeconomic concerns, alterations to mobile privacy, disruption in the Chinese market and more, the gaming sector has its work cut out for it. However, thanks to the numerous delayed releases from last year, we’ve got a jam-packed year of stellar titles coming our way as well as some new tech on the horizon to get hyped about and of course we might actually get to know if Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard actually passes FTC approval.


Stadia Shut Down - Due to failing to gain the traction they anticipated, Google is set to shut down its short-lived cloud gaming service Stadia on 18th January. All Stadia hardware purchased from the Google Store as well as all games and add-on material purchased from the Stadia store will all be refunded by Google. Google anticipates those payouts to be finished by the middle of January.

Dead Space Remake - The top down remake of the award-winning sci-fi horror game is set to release on 27th January. The devs have put a ton of work into improving the original in every possible way with new visuals, story elements and a brand new system they’ve titled “The Intensity Director” which promises to give each player unique scares and keep them constantly on their toes.

Forspoken - The brand new IP from SquareEnix is slated for release on 24th January. The action RPG follows the story of Frey, a young New Yorker who is mysteriously transported to a strange and fantastical land. The real-time action is flawlessly fluid thanks to the contribution of many of the team that worked on Final Fantasy XV.


PSVR-2 Release - Sony’s latest entry into the world of VR entertainment is set to release on 22nd February. Featuring brand new VR controls, the PSVR-2 blew the Oculus founder Palmer Luckey away stating "The first PSVR was arguably the biggest success of the generation, this version will do even better." The new tech will come with a hefty price tag however at $549.99. But for those who aren’t feeling the economic pinch quite so much you’re in for a treat.

Hogwarts Legacy - Hogwarts Legacy is set to grace our PCs on 10th February and our consoles on 4th April. Despite the controversy surrounding the game and boycott attempts, the game looks fantastic and fans of the wizarding world will be getting their money’s worth in an open world full of lore and adventure.


Pax East - Pax East will be hosted from 23-26th March in the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. While no specifics are known at this time it’s safe to assume the event will feature exclusive game demos and panels for those in attendance, as well as a multitude of community events and e-sports competitions.


Dead Island 2 - After a decade of development hell, the much anticipated Dead Island 2 is set to grace our gaming libraries on 28th April. The game will be set in LA (lovingly referred to as Hell-A by the devs) and is promised to feature the same OTT zombie carnage that we came to love in the first title. 


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Initially announced back in 2019, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has had fans waiting with bated breath to jump back into Hyrule and explore the skies above, and now the wait is almost over. The winner of the most anticipated game of 2022 and sequel to the critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild is set for release on the Nintendo Switch on 12th May.


Summer Game Fest - After a successful 3 years, Summer Game Fest is set to return on June 8th 2023 with a host of exciting gaming announcements, demo’s and more. What’s more, 2023 will mark the first time that the event will be welcoming a live audience to its YouTube Theater, LA venue alongside its usual stream.

E3 - After a 3 year hiatus thanks to the Covid 19 pandemic, E3 is finally making its comeback albeit under the reins of a different organiser. ReedPop will be taking charge with the event’s prior organiser ESA taking a supporting role. The event will run from 13th-16th June at the Los Angeles Convention Center with partnered digital events and showcases taking place prior to the event from the 11th.

Final Fantasy XVI - Final Fantasy 16 is set to release on June 22nd on PS5. FF16 is set in a war torn world of Valisthea where various realms vie for political power. The game’s story is ambitious and covers 3 decades. The mature rating has given the developers the chance to explore darker more serious themes than they were able to in previous Final Fantasy titles and the return to a high fantasy setting is a welcome return.

Street Fighter 6 - June 2nd hails the release of Capcom’s latest instalment of the legendary franchise with Street Fighter 6. The game will feature a roster of 18 fighters to choose from including classics such as Ryu, Chun-Li and Guile. The game will also feature a new story mode called World Tour, where your custom character explores the streets of Metro City and beyond.

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