Everything you need to know about Gamescom 2022

What to expect from this summer's biggest gaming event

This year's Gamescom will be hosted in Cologne, Germany from 23rd-28th August and will be a hybrid affair with various online events alongside the live event. With over 500 companies registering for the event we can expect to see tons of merchandising stalls, game devs and more. 

With that being said both Sony and Nintendo have confirmed that they won’t be present at the event, instead opting to host their own events. While this has definitely caused its own ripples within the gaming industry, today we’re focusing on what WILL be available for everyone at this year's event. 


23rd August

The event will kick off with its opening night showcase hosted by Geoff Keighley. We can expect to see some new game reveals as well as trailers/gameplay reveals and a first look at Gamescom 2022’s events.

24th August

The 24 August will be the day for various traders and journalists to do business with the Trade Event and Media Day (not available to public)

25th August

Join the leading voices in the industry at the Gamescom Congress, Europe’s leading conference on the potential of computer and video games for society and the economy.

26th - 28th August

The heart and soul of the whole event kicks off from 26th with the Entertainment Area and Event area opening to the public. We can expect appearances and news from companies such as 2k, Ubisoft, Razer and Microsoft. For those in the industry Devcom will make a return with roundtables, master classes and more. 

What news to expect?

So now that we know the schedule, what news can we expect from the industry’s big players?

Koch Media: It’s almost a certainty that there will be news and gameplay about the Saint’s Row reboot seeing as it’s scheduled for release on August 23rd.

Team 17: It wouldn't be a surprise to see a release date for Batora: Lost Haven as development is reportedly very close to release. They might also raise public awareness of Thymesia following its release in early August.

Ubisoft: It’s hard to call what Ubisoft has up its sleeve, but some potential reveals could be the future of the Assassin’s Creed franchise as well as more information about a rogue-lite mode for AC: Valhalla. There could also be some information on Skull and Bones as it was recently re-revealed.

Bandai Namco: After its initial announcement in March this year we can assume Bandai Namco will reveal more information and probably a fix release date for One Piece: Odyssey as well as potential news for other anime related titles such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R set for release on the 2nd September this year and the survival coop game Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

Xbox: Most likely just a highlight/recap of the announcements from the Xbox and Bethesda showcase from June earlier this year. While it’s not impossible that they will reveal something new for us to get excited about, they’ve already announced some pretty big titles in Redfall, Starfield and Forza.

Warner Bros: Potterheads everywhere can get excited as Hogwarts Legacy is almost a dead cert, slated for release later this year. We can also expect a bit more hype for their upcoming title Gotham Knights and a potential look at some future games for 2023.

All in all we expect the event to be huge with something to satisfy everyone. We will be at the event ourselves so if you want to get to know more about what we’re planning come visit us in Cologne.

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