The best Halloween Horror Games of 2022

10 games that will have you shaking in your boots

If you’re looking for the best scares this Halloween then SOFTFLIX has got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best horror games to give you chills, thrills and psychological trauma. So get yourself some marshmallows, a good counsellor and some comfy clothes as we dive right in. 

Resident Evil 5

Kicking things off with a classic series, Resident Evil 5 sends you once more into the breach, albeit, this time in Africa, as you take the role of Chris Redford as he faces the horrors of the Uroboros virus. The game has been critically acclaimed and fans of the series who have somehow missed this title should definitely give it a go.

Tormented Souls

Do you miss old-school horror games like Resident Evil 1, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark? Then Tormented Souls might be just what you’re looking for! Caroline Walker, our protagonist, suffers a dreadful fate while looking into the disappearance of twin girls in Winterlake and is forced to fight for her life as she explores the mansion's empty halls. The game blends old and new perfectly and while there is no doubt that it is a love letter to the horror games of old, it is most definitely a modern horror game. 

In Sound Mind

With fast-paced puzzles, distinctive boss battles, and original music by The Living Tombstone, In Sound Mind is an inventive first-person psychological horror game. Discover the inner workings of the one space from which you are unable to flee, your mind. After awakening in an inexplicable building, you take the role of Desmond, a psychologist, as he struggles to make sense of his new surroundings. As you venture through the various corridors of the building you come across recordings from Desmond’s patients and are transported into their nightmares, will you have what it takes to survive?

Martha is dead

The psychological undertones of a troubling time in history are explored in Martha Is Dead through the perspective of a young woman who is searching for the truth but also has secrets of her own to keep hidden. After the tragic loss of her twin sister Martha, Giulia, the young daughter of a German soldier, is left to struggle alone with the severe trauma. Her search for the truth is obscured by mysterious folklore and the utter terror of an impending war. If you like a psychological slow-burn and believe a good horror is more than just repeated jump scares then you should sink your teeth into this narrative this halloween.

SCP: Secret Files

A new delve into the world of SCPs, a collection of sometimes horrifying abominations created by the minds of an ever growing community. The game revolves around Karl, a new worker at the SCP Foundation, who is tasked with organizing some of the Fountation's top-secret records. While he is looking through the archives, though, something strange occurs. Karl progressively develops a different perspective on the world, and his mental health suffers significantly as a result. Can you stay sane after experiencing these anomalies?

The Mortuary Assistant

The gameplay in The Mortuary Assistant is a flawless fusion of simulation, research, and fear. You assume the role of Rebecca Owens, a young woman who has started an apprenticeship at River Fields Mortuary. Initially everything appears to be normal, that is, until you are asked to work the night shift, where the game truly begins. The scares come in different ways in each playthrough making this game extremely replayable. Without a doubt worth playing.


In a nightmare environment of giger-esque biological forms, Scorn is an evocative first-person horror adventure game. The game's open-ended world has numerous interconnected regions where the action takes place. Every setting has a distinct theme (story), puzzles, and individuals that are essential to building a cohesive environment. You will explore new places, acquire various skill sets, weapons, and other objects as you play, and you'll also attempt to grasp the sights that are being shown to you. Immerse yourself in this living, breathing world, but keep your wits about you—the game won't show you mercy if you miss something crucial on your tense journey.

The Death | Thần Trùng

The first-person psychological horror game, The Death | Thn Trùng is situated in the city of Hanoi and is rendered in a beautiful style. A strong debut effort from the independent Vietnamese studio with an evident passion for its culture, the game heavily incorporates Vietnamese folklore and funerary customs. The player takes control of an everyday man travelling through the city streets when odd things begin to occur. His past suddenly comes to life, and he must choose how to distinguish illusion from truth. 


MADiSON offers a psychologically disturbing and immersive experience through its clever use of first-person and your trusty instax camera. Tormented by a brutal demon, you must solve riddles, explore your surroundings, take pictures and develop them on your own, and most importantly, survive. In MADiSON, every character has a troubling backstory that melds with the main plot. Keep an eye on your every move to avoid drawing unwanted attention. You won't be alone.

The Quarry

The teenage counselors at Hackett's Quarry throw a party to commemorate summer camp's end. However, things quickly start to go wrong as the youngsters' plans for a party go awry and turn into a horrific night in which they are pursued by blood-soaked locals and something far worse. Friendly banter and flirting give way to life-and-death decisions as relationships either succeed or disintegrate under the strain of impossibly difficult choices. Play as one of the nine camp counselors in a gripping cinematic drama where each choice creates a different chapter in your individual storyline from a maze of options. Any character has the potential to steal the show—or pass away before the sun rises. What will happen in your story?

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