Top 5 Password Managers: How do they beat Chrome's Auto-Save feature

An Examination of Security, Pricing and Stand-Out Features

Top 5 Password Managers: A Comparative Review Against Chrome's Auto-Save Feature

In the age of digital information, managing passwords securely is vital. Chrome's and other browsers' built-in Auto-Save feature is certainly handy but is it the most secure option? We examine the top 5 password managers of 2023, comparing their security, pricing and unique attributes against Chrome's Auto-Save feature.

1. LastPass

  • Security: LastPass uses AES-256-bit encryption to secure your passwords, a step above Chrome's encryption standards. Additionally, it provides multi-factor authentication for added security.
  • Annual Pricing: $36 for the Premium version.
  • Standout Feature: Free credit monitoring and automatic password-changing functionality.

2. Dashlane

  • Security: Dashlane also employs AES-256 bit encryption and offers a VPN for safe browsing, surpassing Chrome's built-in security measures.
  • Annual Pricing: $59.99 for the Premium plan.
  • Standout Feature: Dark web monitoring for data breaches involving your information.

3. 1Password

  • Security: 1Password provides AES-256 bit encryption and a "travel mode" that removes sensitive data when crossing borders, enhancing its security compared to Chrome.
  • Annual Pricing: $36 per year for a personal account.
  • Standout Feature: Option to store passwords locally instead of the cloud.

4. Keeper Security

  • Security: Keeper Security employs AES-256 bit encryption and also offers multi-factor authentication, adding another layer of security above Chrome's capabilities.
  • Annual Pricing: $34.99 per year for an individual plan.
  • Standout Feature: Secure messaging platform and secure file storage.

5. Bitwarden

  • Security: Bitwarden uses AES-256 bit encryption and its open-source platform allows for transparency and community-driven security improvements.
  • Annual Pricing: $10 per year for the Premium plan.
  • Standout Feature: Option to host your own password server, offering complete control over your data.


While Chrome's Auto-Save feature provides basic password management, dedicated password managers like LastPass, Dashlane, 1Password, Keeper Security, and Bitwarden offer advanced security features, fair pricing and unique features that make them stand out. These tools are more equipped to handle the complexities of online security in today's digital world.

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